Diving Board Cigar Ashtray

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Designed as a sculpture, these ashtrays provide visual refreshment from the common notched bowl format and slip past notice by the anti-cigar contingent.

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Designed as sculpture, these ashtrays provide visual refreshment from the common notched bowl format and slip past notice by the anti-cigar contingent.

Like all Tool Couture products, they are made in Washington State by a small team of fabricators. Their love of shop-craft created the company’s aesthetic of simple forms that highlight materials and processes.

These ashtrays provide a compact, personal, berth for the smoker’s cigar and fit well in tight or crowded places. They also travel well, with the aluminum model designed specifically for lightweight portability.

3 models are available. All of them will gracefully accommodate cigars in ring gauges between 38 and 70, and in any length.

The cigars shown are from RoMa Craft Tobac and are a Short Perfecto (5” x 50), Lonsdale (6-1/2” x 42) and 2013 Roma Craft La Campana de Panama Soberana (5” x 60/46).


All Aluminum: The Herf Edition. Milled entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum, it features a stabilizing leg below the “board” to provide maximum reliability in changeable environments.

6.5” long, 2” tall, and 2.75” wide. $105.00


Cold-Rolled Steel and Stainless: The Lounge Edition. Clean and cool, it’s made of smooth cold-rolled steel with a satin finish and a food-grade stainless “board”. It features a stabilizing leg below the “board” and a satisfying solidity at just over 2 pounds.

6.5” long, 2” tall, and 2.75” wide$155.00


Hot-Rolled Steel and Bronze: The Vintage Rivet Edition. A satisfying nod to the old days, it features a blue-black heat finish on the steel blocks, the warmth of bronze, and the retro assembly method of hammer-setting red hot rivets. Made by an more complex and skill intensive set of processes than the other versions, this edition lets our staff show off their chops.

5.75” long, 2.125” tall, and 2.75” wide. Keep the bronze polished or let it develop a rich brown patina, it is up to you. $265.00

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Aluminum, Cold-Rolled Steel and Stainless, Hot-Rolled Steel and Bronze

5 reviews for Diving Board Cigar Ashtray

  1. Bob “The Claw” Riley

    I just got the steel and stainless heavyweight beauty. It’s small enough to carry around yet heavy enough to never lose track of or forget it, (which is a bad habit of mine). The rest is perfect for large sticks or small and they will balance well when lit and when down to a nub. No matter what I’m smoking, I always appear to be a class act with this work of art by my side.

  2. Colin Ganley

    I love both the design and function of this cigar holder. It is heavy enough to use outside on a breezy day and looks stunning indoors in the den. The metalwork is very clean.

  3. Marco Etheridge

    I am the proud owner of a Steel and Stainless diving board ashtray. Not only is this a fine and functional piece of sculpture, it has changed my life. Before acquiring my diving board ashtray from Tool Couture, I was a lonely bachelor tottering off towards my dotage. After becoming a diving board ash tray owner, however, not only is my life more tidy but I find myself jetting off to exotic locales in Old Europe for romantic rendezvous. I cannot overstress how completely satisfied I am with my new TC Diving Board ashtray. Thank you so much.

  4. Scott Bruce Duncan

    I love using top end gear with the fine cigars I smoke and the 2 Tool Couture ashtrays I own are a superb addition to my cigar kit. I use the hefty steel model in my man cave and the lightweight aluminum model is perfect for wherever I herf at on the road. Both are an absolute joy to use. Thanks, Brother Michael! */:-)

  5. Angela Martin

    These ashtrays are a step above the rest. Nothing like you have ever seen. They are sleek and sexy. I love the weight and ease of cleaning them!

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