Champagne Saber & Stand (Classic Series)

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Tool Couture’s champagne saber is the first production champagne saber ever designed and made in the United States. This semi-custom handcrafted tool and Cantilever Stand can be ordered in multiple colors. The Classic Series palette includes, Tornado Red, Cobalt Blue, Herb Green, and Otter Black. The saber is also also available in our Signature Series or exotic hardwood.

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Tool Couture’s champagne saber is the first production champagne saber ever designed and made in the United States. This semi-custom handcrafted tool and Cantilever Stand can be ordered in multiple colors. The Classic Series palette includes, Tornado Red, Cobalt Blue, Herb Green, and Otter Black. The saber is also also available in our Signature Series or exotic hardwood.

William Belickis Chef / Owner of Seattle’s acclaimed Mistral Kitchen believes it to be the best production champagne saber in the world. Sabering tableside is a nightly event at his restaurant. The saber’s design, balance, and leading edge geometry allow experts like William and beginners alike, to use this luxury tool with confidence and ease.

The saber was specifically designed to do one thing exceptionally well: open bottles of champagne. It took 18 months of research and development to perfect. Every element of this exotic kitchen / bar tool is intentional. The blade for example is made of 5160 Carbon Steel. It was selected for its resilient elastic characteristics. It is hardened and tempered specifically for striking glass.

This saber is built to withstand centuries of use and is naturally regarded as an heirloom quality artifact. Total cost of ownership is conservatively calculated at $2.00 a year. However, with proper care, the saber’s useful life will likely be much longer than a mere 1,000 years.

18 handmade custom jigs are used to fabricate the saber. The guard and pommel are black-oxide finished stainless steel. The handle is a multi-tapered, dense, exotic polymer. The guard is tapered by hand, and formed by cold pressing, blacksmithing, and modern welding. There are no pins or nails of any kind holding the saber together. The unique central shaft fastening system used to assemble the saber creates a tool that feels supremely integrated.

The saber weighs 2.75 lbs., and is perfectly balanced; placing the ideal strike zone, or sweet spot, 1-2 inches in front of the guard. Its balance point is located right behind the guard. And its blade is finished naturally tumbled, or tumbled with a black-oxide finish.

As a corporate, wedding, or personal gift, the blade can be electrostatically etched to feature branding or custom messaging.

Your purchase includes the saber (with a multi-tapered polymer handle in one of four colors), our classic Cantilever Stand which can be ordered in matching or complimentary colors, and a hand-crafted presentation box.


Sabering a bottle of champagne is like driving a car. There’s an inherent element of risk associated with both activities. But like driving, if you prepare and approach the task with knowledge, due care, and the proper safety precautions in place, you’ll significantly mitigate your risk, and you will likely be part of that overwhelming majority of people who saber and drive without ever getting seriously hurt. But, because it is possible to get injured while sabering, we have prepared this writing in an effort to share our knowledge on how to avoid injuries. People have been assuming the risk of sabering champagne bottles since about 1795. And we’ve learned a few things since then that have helped us stay safe along the way.

If you buy, receive, and/or subsequently use a champagne saber, caveat emptor, (buyer beware and user beware), you assume 100% of the risk associated with its use. Accordingly, educate yourself and learn how to saber safely.

The risk is understood by appreciating that glass, (even in solid form) is inherently unstable, and thus, unpredictable. By way of example, a bottle of champagne will explode in unpredictable directions if dropped on a hard surface; like a stone floor. The same can occur when a bottle of champagne, or sparkling wine is struck with a champagne saber – But there are reasons for this occurrence. We do not believe that explosions are random or subject to the roll of the dice. Explosions are predictable.

The danger, (should a bottle explode while sabering) results from the potential insult received by the human body if hit by sharp shards of glass flying through the air, at high speed, in random directions. Glass cuts can lead to serious injury and permanent disfigurement.

Read our Safety Tips for more information.

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Handle Color

Tornado Red, Cobalt Blue, Herb Green, Otter Black

Stand Color

Tornado Red, Cobalt Blue, Herb Green, Otter Black

Blade Finish

Naturally Tumbled, Tumbled w/ Black-Oxide Finish

1 review for Champagne Saber & Stand (Classic Series)

  1. Joel S.

    My fiancée and I received one of these as a gift. The first thing that I noticed is the sturdiness of the saber. It is substantial, but by no means cumbersome; it’s so well-balanced that my fiancée can easily lop off tops all day – which she has done, I might add.

    It’s highly functional, too. The handle isn’t too large, and the saber edge (which is intentionally not sharp) naturally comes to rest at the right angle on the bottle.

    Lastly, the saber looks great. It comes with a color-matched display stand, and just looks classy on the server. When guests arrive, they are always interested and ask about the saber – well, how about we show you? Makes for quite the ice-breaker.

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