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Tool Couture’s Cable Block solves a universal problem in style: It keeps your device’s charging cable from falling to the floor.

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Tool Couture’s Cable Block solves a universal problem in style: It keeps your device’s charging cable from falling to the floor.

Made from a three inch block of black walnut, a solid two inch steel cylinder, and a cushion of soft wool felt affixed to the bottom of the cylinder, this handcrafted sculpture measures 3″ x 3″ x 3 1/4″ tall, and weighs 2 1/4 lbs. The charging cable is held in place by the weight of the cylinder. The light pressure of the cushion allows you to smoothly micro adjust the cable to any desired length.

As a corporate gift, the top and sides of the cylinder present as an ideal blank canvas to electrostatically deep etch your brand.

4 reviews for Cable Block

  1. Tina Aitken

    When I first saw the cable block I said “I want 6”! Three for my home and three as gifts. It’s a classy way of solving the daily problem of the cable falling to the floor. I love the combination of walnut and metal. It has proven to be a great gift….unique, tasteful, and needed. Thanks Tool Couture for an innovative solution!

  2. Louis Andersen

    THis is a brilliant idea, no more fighting with all the plugs next to the bed. sturdy and fashionable! Thanks Rolf

  3. Heather Vacano

    I wasn’t sure what to think when my husband presented me with one of your cable blocks for my office. I was struck immediately by the beauty of the object, the tactile experience of the steel was also a very pleasant surprise, but I wasn’t convinced it was something I needed. Now two weeks later I love it for more than esthetics. Gone are the ugly adhesive cord keepers and cords trapped under books. All replaced by one very pleasant and functional object. Even the IT guy at work thought it elegant!

  4. William Rocca

    As with all things Tool Couture, the cable block sets a new hallmark for carefully considered, exquisite PNW craftsmanship. Its heft makes an immediate impression in the hand, and six months on for this owner, provides continued utility with bold looks and the end of a common problem. I also get the same pleasure from the Bottle Cap Opener – which immediately became my go-to tool simply for the joy of using it. Each a piece for the person who appreciates exceptional design. Kudos TC!

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