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Chic and Superior Champagne Tools

Who doesn’t like Champagne? I can’t think of anyone?! We sing about it, we dance holding it, we make cocktails from it and we have been popping it and rocking it now for almost 200 years. Arguably one could say that champagne is synonymous and almost integral to our culture’s ‘happiness’.

Historically Champagne, from France, has been occasionally brought out to celebrate many customs but typically ones that involve ‘love’. Love in the guise of the birth of a little one, a birthday of a more Senior family member, family love at a Christmas breakfast but most especially when one is romantically trying to woo another or celebrate the (done deal) nuptials!

These are momentous occasions in life’s great journey that deserve to be celebrated and champagne is always a refined way to acknowledge these occasions with style and panache!

Whatever your excuse to break out a bottle of champagne (if you need one) have you ever thought of a rather fun and fantastic way to gain entry to your bottle of beloved fizz?

By “Sabering” of course!

If you haven’t already been sabering your champagne bottles with rather attractive sabers it’s never too late to start! We all start off as saber virgins you know, and once you start there is just no stopping!

To saber, quite simply, is the technique or skill of knocking the top off of ones champagne bottle in one clean motion with ones free arm whilst holding the bottle in the other. This fun tradition has been around for many decades and (like all fun things) does have a small element of risk so you should take some precautions which are all covered in Tool Couture’s website.

Today Heir Inspired is rather gleefully sharing with you some fabulous Home Decor and Home Tool finds from the innovative, Seattle based company Tool Couture.

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