Signature Series Champagne Saber

For the person who has everything

Featured Products:

Saber (Signature Series)

Tool Couture’s champagne saber is the first production champagne saber ever designed and made in the United States.

Saber (Exotic Wood Edition)

This semi-custom handcrafted tool and matching stand come in a beautiful interplay of exotic hardwood and steel.

Saber (Classic Series)

This semi-custom handcrafted tool and Cantilever Stand can be ordered in multiple colors.

Bottle Cap Opener

This ergonomic bottle cap opener is a stunning functional sculpture that reinvents the traditional notion of a simple kitchen tool.

Obelisk Vase

The Obelisk Vase is at home in masculine, feminine, or corporate environments thanks to the clean simple design, and the solidity and texture of the material.

Device Lounge

Tool Couture’s Device Lounge is an active productivity tool as well as a charging station for on-the-go electronics.

Cable Block

Tool Couture’s Cable Block solves a universal problem in style: It keeps your device’s charging cable from falling to the floor.

200 Ton Ashtray

Making these is hot, heavy, old school metalworking that produces a wonderfully textured, organic result.

Modern Wedge

Tool Couture’s “Wedge” envisioned as a doorstop is a nod to the modernist ideal of letting raw materials drive the character of an object.

Diving Board Cigar Ashtray

Designed as a sculpture, these ashtrays provide visual refreshment from the common notched bowl format and slip past notice by the anti-cigar contingent.

Office Suite

This handsome executive set includes three of Tool Couture’s most popular items, bundled to outfit your workspace in style.

Top Zagat Rated Restaurants in the Seattle metro area to first adopt Tool Couture Champagne sabers:

Mistral Kitchen (Seattle), Canlis (Seattle), Bis on Main (Bellevue), The Herb Farm (Woodinville) …

I saber bottles of champagne every night in my restaurant. Tool Couture Sabers are simply the best champagne sabers in the world.” 

– William Belickis
Chef/Owner, Mistral Kitchen
Seattle, Washington

“This is absolutely the most beautiful champagne saber I have ever owned.”

 Ron Zimmerman
Owner, The Herb Farm
Woodinville, Washington

“It’s a masterpiece of art and functionality. Best champagne saber I have ever used.”

– Joe Vilardi
Owner, Bis on Main
Bellevue, Washington

Made in the USA

All Tool Couture products are designed and hand-crafted proudly in Kenmore, Washington, USA.